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Nice To Meet You, 2022

January marks the beginning of 2022 – a time filled with good intentions, hopeful promises and an abundance of goals we all hope to achieve.

For me, January has been a confusing time in terms of emotion. The first few days started on a real high - I was surrounded by family, started going to new fitness classes and had just finished the first two books of my good reads challenge (The Mismatch and Convenience Store Girl); but unfortunately by the 5th I experienced the loss of a loved one – my beloved Nana Joan.

Me and my Nana Joan with Yorkshire Terrier Teddy

Having set about the year on a journey to become a calmer, more positive and proactive person, I decided to deal with my emotions head on before meeting up with friends (in a Covid-safe manner of course) and do some of the things that bring me great joy - endless baths, watching the Sex and The City Reboot, Afternoon Tea at the Grosvenor Chester and a late night screening of the newest development my second favourite horror franchise, Scream (Sorry, but Halloween will always be #1).

I celebrated my boyfriends 39th birthday with a delicious meal at our new favourite Turkish - AKASYA, celebrated Burns Night with family, and read a total of 6.5 books - I'm half way through Sweetbitter at the moment and it is superb. I've even booked some exciting events for February to give me something to look forward to, not to mention Harry Styles Love on Tour in June!

As the month came to a close we said our goodbyes to Nana and gave her the send off she deserved, but tonight I will be looking forward to a fresh start as I celebrate the Chinese New Year with my Family. The Year of The Tiger is a symbol of strength, exercising evils and braveness, and both those with signs of Ox and Goat are said to have the luckiest year in 2022 - for me as an Ox, this is something I am really holding onto.

Whilst 2022 may have started with some sorrow, I can hand on my heart say I think overall it is going to be an exciting and positive year.

恭喜发财 - Wishing you happiness and prosperity.

Book of the month: The Midnight Library, Matt Haig (Available on my Bookswap)

Meal of the Month: Ritchie's Haggis Fritters

Highlight of the Month: The Discovery of BookSwap

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