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India’s Investments: Mylee Gel Nail Kit

With our trusted salons closed and my desperation for freshly painted nails growing stronger, I began to wonder whether or not I should invest in my very own gel nail kit.

I have always hated using normal nail polish. I’m far to impatient to let it dry properly, and find even when it does it chips far to easily, something none of us have time for!

£90 can seem quite a lot of money for a one-time-buy, however after looking into the costs I found that I could save around £240 a year doing my own nails at home if I were to purchase the kit... A fact I could simply not ignore.

The Mylee Starter Kit comes with a whole range of products, including the Mylee Salon Series PRO LED Lamp in a colour of your choice (white or black), the Mylee Prep and Wipe solution, A pack of 100 Mylee Lint-Free Wipes, a base coat polish, a top coat polish, four coloured MyGel polishes ( Pastel Chic, Soft Touch, Requiem For A Pink & Diva), and finally the gel remover solution!

I guess you could say it was pretty hard to resist.

Being as fussy as I am, I also decided to order some extra gel polishes, but for this I went to Bluesky as I generally prefer their colour selection.

The Process itself seemed pretty straight forward. First I prep the nails with a lint-free wipe and the Mylee Prep and Wipe solution, which removes any oil from the nail and dehydrates them so that they’re ready for the polish.

Next, I applied a thin layer of the MyGel Base Coat to each finger and cured for thirty seconds.

Following this, I then applied the coloured gel polish of choice (Faux Fur by Bluesky) three times, again curing for thirty seconds between each coat.

To finish off, I applied a thin coat of the MyGel Top Coat and cured for 60 seconds, before wiping off the nails with the Prep and Wipe solution one more time and applying Cuticle oil to each nail.

As you can see, the colour is a gorgeous brown that is perfect for the transition from Winter to Spring.

So, would I invest in this one again? I have had the manicure for over a week now and the colour has yet to chip! The polish can last up to two weeks depending on application, and I look forward to seeing the colour I opt for next time. This kit is a 10/10 for me, and I would highly recommend it to those who want salon worthy nails 24/7.

With love,

India x

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